Video of Vatican Library Digital Archiving Project by Vatican Library and NTT DATA

  • AMLAD is a solution for Museums, Library, public Archives (MLA) and companies to store and archive their images, videos and audio all into one place. Also allows users for easy search and browsing of their archived data using PC, Tablet, Smart phone and other electronic devices.

    *1 Museum Library Archives

Promoting the Protection and Use of Digital Content in the Metaverse Era

AMLAD® is a global digital archiving solution by NTT DATA. In addition to archiving and publishing high-resolution 2D/3D content, AMLAD® has advanced functions such as metadata-searching functions with the AI, and various API connections. From the vast amount of archived data, these functions help users reaching out/utilizing the content they really need. In the era of the Metaverse, NTT DATA accelerates distributing/utilizing the content and protects them with technologies such as Blockchain/NFT, to provide a new virtual experience.


Accessing your digital asset through diverse search

AMLAD has map search as well as timeline search in addition to standard search methods which are keyword, auto suggest, detailed search, category and facet. This allows you to find data through certain time period and place. Even if you do not have certain key words or factor to search data, with these variety of search, you can find contents you are looking for. And with a surprise, you might nd unexpected valuable contents.

Variety of linking methods

AMLAD has many methods enabling to collaborate with other systems. AMLAD has plenty of interfaces for linking systems, which follows many international standards, such as OAIS for long term storage of digital contents, and International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF). It also capable for smartphone apps, widening the possibility of utilizing your digital asset.

Flexible and various functions to manage your digital asset

AMLAD can flexibly manage digital asset upon customer’s request. On administration screen you can edit metadata of registered contents, and set whether to allow printing and downloading the content. AMLAD is capable to adapt to customers workflow. With high flexible and wide range of administrative functions, AMLAD can manage, utilize your digital assets in a secure environment. Also, AMLAD provides with many administrative functions to control public users’ accessibility of contents. For example, you can connect public users to download contents when they make the request it. If there is a request for multiple download of contents we can provide cart functions. Also we can provide Mypage function for browsing request status, personal request history and download history.

For customers in public sector

AMLAD follows international standards for long term preservation of digital contents. It has multiple search options to find contents of your desire and has optimized viewer to see highly detailed pictures and capable of preserving rare documents. You can easily achieve system linkage with other MLAs by using various interfaces provided by AMLAD, which brings users new enlightenment towards their professional field as a discovery service.

For customers in private sector

AMLAD can be adaptable to your needs with capable of handling and organizing large and variety of data such as contracts, invoices, medical trial data, audio and video files. For example, AMLAD can be used as an effective tool for sharing know-how. To help your employees to have easy access of data such as product manuals, pamphlets and company logos through PC, tablet and smartphone. We are able to help you create new values to your company with mechanism that encourages utilizing scattered contents and information.


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