The Vatican Apostolic Library

The Vatican Apostolic Library


Digitizing Vatican library's historical asset for future generations

The Vatican Apostolic Library is conducting a digitization project in order to create a digital archive with a view to handing on these precious handwritten materials to future generations as an eternal cultural legacy. NTT DATA Corporation has agreed to participate in this Vatican Apostolic Library digitization project, an endeavor that can be considered a major contribution to humanity. In April 2014, NTT DATA began working on the project, with plans to digitize approximately 3,000 handwritten manuscripts over the course of the next four years. Since most of the manuscripts are written on fragile material such as papyrus, they are carefully scanned using specialized equipment followed by adding metadata such as author and keywords, and finally the data is stored in a data center located in Vatican City State.
Currently, these digitized collections are partially open to the public online in order to enable visitors search and view them.


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